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Product Description
  • 3.3Kw AC Smart Charging Station

  • Supports 2W, 3W & 4Wheeler Electric Vehicles

  • Wifi + Bluetooth based connectivity supported

  • 16A, 3-Pinpoint socket charger

  • Host can set prices, identify users, manage bookings, track energy consumption, control the device remotely

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Total Price: ₹10,000
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Power up your vehicle with veCharge. Anytime. Anywhere

veCharge caters to all segments of 2 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler and 4 Wheeler EVs
veCharg points are easy to install and require no infrastructural changes.
Inbuilt energy metering for veCharge points. Scan and pay for charging.
veCharg points are compact and robust with weathersealing and short circuit protection.
Monitor your charging in real time with veCharge

Tech Specs

Mounting Type

4 point Wall Mounted


25cm x 20cm x 10cm

Vehicle Types

2/3/4 Wheelers

Connector Type

3 pin 16A socket outlet


240V AC, 16A, 50Hz Single Phase

Overcurrent & Earthing Protection

Dust & Splash Protection