About Valerio Electric

India is the 3rd largest producer of CO2 emissions. To tackle the country's rising pollution levels, the government has pledged to have 30% of all vehicles on the road to be electric by 2030. The EV Industry is growing at a rate of 40% per year with charging stations opening up at a rapid pace.

We at Valerio Electric are building a single open platform that connects EV users with all types of charging stations and services. Users can avoid waiting time by pre-booking a slot at any station, compare which one is near them, and see which one provides the best rates and features. We are also installing our smart charging socket at workplaces and residences providing power tracking and an easy billing mechanism.

Our Mission

India sees a shift towards electric mobility to contribute towards a more sustainable future. But due to lack of proper infrastructure, the few EV charging stations are unable to keep pace with the growing numbers of electric vehicles on the road. Customers have to go out of their routes to charge vehicles. Apart from this, the existing charging infrastructure indirectly derives power from thermal power plants.

We provide an innovative solution enabled by IoT, which addresses the given problem. Real-time data from sensors in charging ports help re-route users to the nearest station having empty slots. These slots can be pre-booked by them to provide a hassle-free charging service.

Our Offerings

Valerio for Hotels/Malls

Enable your parking space for EV Charging to provide better customer experience and monetization.

Valerio for Parking Spaces

Enable your Parking Spaces for Electric Vehicle Charging and attract more customers.

Valerio for Residence Complexes

Enable EV Charging at your society. We provide easy solutions of tracking, monitoring and billing at your common parking space

Valerio for Corporates

Enable your Parking Spaces for Electric Vehicle Charging and attract more customers.

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